A National Campaign Building a Stronger Future for Homeless Students

More than 1.3 million homeless students K-12 have been identified in America’s public schools


Goals of the Campaign

Education Leads Home is the only national campaign focused on closing educational achievement and attainment gaps for homeless students.

By 2026, young children experiencing homelessness will participate in quality early childhood programs at the same rate as their housed peers

A 90% high school graduation rate for homeless students by 2030

A 60% post-secondary attainment rate for homeless students by 2034

Recent News

  • Academic outcomes for students experiencing homelessness are far worse than those for housed students

    A new in-depth analysis by Schoolhouse Washington finds that students of color are impacted disproportionately and outcomes are poor no matter the type of living situation.

  • State Partnerships on Student Homelessness Project: Request for Proposals

    ELH is excited to announce the State Partnerships on Student Homelessness Project to support the planning and implementation of state-specific strategies that leverage best practices to support access to and success in early care and education for children and youth experiencing homelessness. Learn more.

  • Phil&Co podcast – The Invisible Million: Homeless Students in the U.S.

    In this episode of unPhiltered, ICPH, SchoolHouse Connection, and Jamie Warren, a formerly homeless student who became a SchoolHouse Connection young leader, discuss the impact of homelessness on families and students.

  • SwampED podcast

    In this episode of the SwampEd podcast, Barbara Duffield, Executive Director of SchoolHouse Connection, and Stefanie Cruz, Vice President of Marketing and Digital Strategy at America’s Promise Alliance, share the goals of and purpose behind the Education Leads Home campaign.

  • FAFSA report

    SchoolHouse Connection just released, “Youth Homelessness and Higher Education: An Analysis of FAFSA Data.” The report examines a critical component of the basic needs of unaccompanied homeless youth in higher education: financial aid. It also includes recommendations for policy and practice.

  • ICPH report on Dating Violence and Homeless Students

    This new report from ICPH shows that the safety net for homeless students is tattered–especially for teens trying to escape dating violence.

  • ICPH report on Asthma Prevalence & Access to Care Among Homeless High School Students

    This new report from ICPH shows that homeless students are up to twice as likely to have asthma than housed students. It also proposes necessary steps that need to be taken to make sure that homeless students can be properly diagnosed and have the resources to manage their conditions.

  • ICPH report on Suicide and Depression Among Homeless High School Students

    This report, based on data from eight states and New York City,* shows that homeless students are at significantly higher risk for suicide than high school students overall. Their academic success requires ongoing and available support and resources to help them manage the stressors in their daily lives.

  • Banding Together to Help Homeless Students

    Starting on Monday, July 30, the legendary rock band Pearl Jam, along with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Raikes Foundation, and Deutsche Bank, will match any donations made to projects that support students experiencing homelessness on DonorsChoose.org. The match will continue as long as funds last. Start creating your project and get your donations matched!

Upcoming Events

  • 2018 Building a Grad Nation Report 

    The report is co-authored by Civic Enterprises and the Everyone Graduates Center, and released in partnership with America’s Promise Alliance and the Alliance for Excellent Education. The report examines both progress and challenges toward reaching the GradNation campaign goal of a national on-time graduation rate of 90 percent, and for the first time, analyzes how graduation rates are translating at the postsecondary level.

Join us

Education Leads Home is working to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness in this country. Join us in building a stronger future for homeless children and students.


Hidden in Plain Sight

Drawn from the voices of youth, this report details the struggles of homeless students and provides insight into helping them achieve academic success.

State Progress Reports

Learn more about the state of child and youth homelessness in your state.

Common Questions About Homelessness and Education

List of common questions about children and youth who are experiencing homelessness.

Tools and Resources on Early Childhood and Homelessness

Resources to help you learn about the needs of young children experiencing homelessness, and how communities can meet their needs.

Tools and Resources on PreK-12 and Homelessness

Carefully-compiled resources on federal preK-12 law and policy, including tools, innovative practices, and the latest research.

Tools and Resources on Higher Education and Homelessness

Resources to help you learn the challenges facing college students who are homeless, and how higher ed institutions and communities can meet their needs.

Webinars on Education and Homelessness

Check out upcoming webinars hosted by SchoolHouse Connection and industry experts on the topic of homelessness and education.

The Lasting Influence of Homelessness on Student Achievement

The negative effects of housing instability are known, but this policy brief suggests that these effects do not end when a student is stably housed.

The Invisible Million

Learn more about student homelessness where you live and work with the new tool, The United States of Student Homelessness.

Core Partners

As national leaders in their fields, SchoolHouse Connection, America’s Promise Alliance, Civic Enterprises, and the Institute for Children, Poverty and Homelessness have released groundbreaking research and powerful resources relevant to education and child & youth homelessness.

These four organizations are partners in the work of the Education Leads Home campaign.

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The Education Leads Home campaign is possible thanks to the generous support of our sponsors.

The Education Leads Home campaign is funded in part by a grant from The California Wellness Foundation (Cal Wellness). The Foundation’s mission is to improve the health of Californians. Cal Wellness is dedicated to promoting equity through advocacy and access.